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The Puget Sound area benefits from a wealth of financial and legal professionals who specialize in working with families with a charitable intent.  They share PATH’s commitment to global health. Legacy and estate planning professionals give donors an opportunity to understand the multitude of options for investing in legacy giving, many of which offer opportunities for increased lifetime income.  Many people are unaware of the tax-exempt planning strategies that help them leave a charitable legacy, reduce taxes, and maximize benefits from their assets. By educating PATH’s constituents and the wider community on the benefits of charitable planning, they help us inspire philanthropy.  By discussion options with them, you can learn ways to address your needs for financial security and family legacy while investing in PATH vision to be a global leader in advancing maternal and children’s health, immunizations, malaria research and vaccinations. 

Philanthropy is one of the finest expressions of individuals’ values as well as their deepest aspirations for themselves, their families, and their communities. Philanthropy must be viewed, however, in the context of prudent planning of family resources. Individuals need to provide for themselves and the people important to them before making significant contributions to the causes they care about.

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